Group Enterprises: Fu Hua Tong Da

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enterprise idea

Fu Hua Group vision

Core values

Responsible only to have to pay to have the harvest.

YABO—— fu hua responsible to society,fu hua gratitude to society and sustainable

YABO—— fu hua responsible to the customer,fu hua creating value for customers

YABO—— fu hua responsible to the shareholders,fu hua to seek benefits for shareholders and grow

—— fu hua responsible to the employees,fu hua develop a platform for employees

YABO—— staff towards fu hua conscientious,staff by fu hua contribute to the growth of power

  • Fu Hua people spirit

    The spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit
    Hard work, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of enterprise
    Team spirit of unity and cooperation
    Never stop the spirit of innovation
    Dare to expose the problem of self critical spirit
  • Code of conduct

    Dedication, dedication, passion and kindness.
    In the face of responsibility, there is no excuse
    Details determine success or failure attitude determines altitude
  • Execution culture

    Win in the implementation Wins in the ground
    Plan and moving Carry out with drive and sweep Process control Result oriented
    Don't empty talk As long as the implementation of landing
    Top priority Middle level Accompanying at the basic level
  • Philosophy of success

    Only to find a way to success
    Not to find a reason for failure
    Immediate action Go to all lengths
    Never give up Persist in the end